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Most people have a hard time believing that I used to weigh over 200 pounds. Well...I did. Take a look at my 4 minute video bio below. It's full of pictures from before, during and after my 65 pound weight gain. My transformation is shocking, so get ready!

So now that you've seen my story, let's talk about yours. Are you searching for a fun, easy and realistic way to lose weight? Are you a busy mom who needs a diet and exercise program that will compliment your life, not work against it? If so...I gotta say it...you're home.


7 Facts About Me.


1. I know you. Okay, so we haven't met yet, but I know your struggle. I've been there. The good news is that I have discovered how to win.

2. I love to eat. And I do. I'll show you how to lose lots of weight while eating until you are full each and every day.

3. I am busy. Busy women are the masters of multitasking. You are going to love how I have incorporated your workout into everyday household routines and play. It's fantastic.

4. I like to have fun. My son and I love to giggle. What about you and your child(ren)? My workout is designed for maximum giggles with excellent results.

5. I like to feel HOT. Women CAN have it all. Motherhood, a career, successful relationships, AND a sexy, lean and toned body that even the college girls envy. Isn't it awesome?

6. I will help you lose weight. There are plenty of things I am not good at (parallel parking, for example) but I have to admit...I am excellent at helping people lose weight. If you follow the strategies in my fitness system...you will lose weight.

7. My product is fantastic. I love helping other moms look and feel great. I would love for you to experience my product, so I always support it with a money back guarantee.

Oh...and by the way...now that we have covered everything else, I should formally introduce myself. My name is Robin Farr. I am a postnatal fitness expert, author of the eBook, Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, and founder of www.HotMommyHappyBaby.com.

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So why should you listen to me? That's simple. I am you.

I have a job. I have a child. I have a relationship with a significant other. I have a household to maintain. I have pets to care for. I have friends to spend time with. I have hobbies I am passionate about. Until recently, I was a graduate student as well. So much to do and so little time, right? Similar to you, I found it challenging to manage my many roles and find time for fitness.

In my early twenties I gained 60 pounds. It was amazing how fast the weight accumulated on my body once I entered a more stagnant lifestyle working in an office. One spring day I went shopping for my summer bikini, and it hit me. As I stared back at the reflection in the dressing room mirror, I realized that I had become overweight. With the scale now above 200 pounds, I was no longer happy with my body nor my lifestyle that got me there.

At that moment I decided it was time for a change. I lost 65 pounds in the next 6 months. I lost the weight by using healthy lifestyle changes and by reshaping the way I thought about food and exercise. Best of all, I have kept the weight off for years now by following the fun and easy tips found in this fitness program. Let me emphasize this; Fun and Easy!

When I became pregnant, I gained a healthy 37 pounds and was able to return to my pre-baby weight within 3 months. I conquered this challenge while working a full-time desk job and sitting most of my day away. Most importantly, I call tell you that I lost the weight while enjoying my life and my infant son.

I learned about fitness and nutrition through my participation in college athletics, but it was not until I paired this knowledge with my degree in Psychology, that I found a way to successfully change my outlook on food and exercise. This winning combination led me to the permanent path to physical success.

I am a passionate mother and a vibrant, confident woman who cannot wait to share my message with you! I am not a personal trainer by profession. I don't get paid to spend my days in the gym. Like you, I am a busy mom, so I created a fitness solution that works for us! For our lives!

All exercises were created through joy and love and have been reviewed by a personal trainer. So get ready to rock that Hot Mommy Body!

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