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You understand how important it’s to get car insurance that is good, in case you are driving an automobile. Especially when you bring your baby in your trip. In the event that you are involved in any type of accident without it, you happen to be putting yourself at risk. Not forgetting you are setting yourself at odds with the law. And none of us really want that on our heads!

So it’s a question of getting dependable insurance that is also that cheap. So where would you start to try to find cheap car insurance quotes?

One of the top areas to start your search would be to begin an investigation about town. Just start off by talking about their insurance costs with your friends and family. It may be a good insurance to observe if they appear relatively happy with their coverage and also the price. Just keep on appearing if all you get is sour notes.

Ask for a quote as well as it really never hurts to stop in several of the local businesses around you, while you’re in town. This really is particularly great if you like dealing on a one on one foundation with an insurance agent.

Finally, the most effective method to go about finding cheap car insurance quotes is always to use the web processes. You may save plenty of time by seeing with any of the one insurance quote websites that are online. Here you will simply put in driving record as well as a few basic information regarding yourself and you will receive an instant estimate.

There are few of the best methods to a quote that’ll help you to find the most effective rate for insurance. Recall there are many alternatives accessible to get insurance that is reputable at an affordable cost. You only have to be sure that you will have insurance and not drive without it.

It’s important to get the best auto insurance to protect not only your-self but other people along with your automobile ‘s property. I think we all understand how expensive automobile insurance can be. In certain states, it will nearly take your whole monthly paycheck! Therefore it is vital that you compare auto insurance to make sure you have the very best rates possible.

You will find lots of options to having the very best insurance deals. These best starting point is heading online and carrying out a search for quotes. You’ll discover there are many insurance quote websites accessible online. These are are a fantastic starting point if you’re just beginning your search for car insurance in Ontario.

Once online you will need to head to Google and type in “evaluate car insurance” and look for a good site to click on. You’ll simply need to enter some basic details about yourself and history when you’re on the site. At this point, you really should not have to enter any private information such as driver’s license of social security. All these are basic quotes that will give you an estimate of how much you need to expect to be spending on car insurance.

Choose one of the lowest choices that are about the list and visit their site and get more information and see how close the particular estimate is to what you were quoted.

You’re receiving you could always check with a few of the area insurance providers in the local town, if you’re not happy with all the quotes. One of the benefits of working with a nearby firm is you really may get a quote that is much lower. The thing is you may not receive several of the benefits that are higher that go with having the bigger national insurance providers.

Alan Rickman, the British actor known for his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, has died after a battle with cancer in the age of 69. Rickman portrayed the potions professor that was black in all eight of the Harry Potter movies and was beloved by many for the manner in which he brought to life the multi dimensional character.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the last film in the franchise, was launched in July 2011, but Rickman said his farewells to the enchanting wizarding world in April of this year. After the final wrapping on his part in the series’ ending, he wrote the letter below to Empire Magazine.


Spotted: Happy Baby lunching at Porto Via in Beverly Hills

How do you turn a fussy baby into a happy baby, all while lunching with your friends AND shaping your biceps? 

It’s simple. 

As we know from the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, we can get into shape at any time and in any place.  It just takes the right mindset…and a little creative thinking. 


While I was having a girls’ lunch at the most delicious Beverly Hills restaurant, Porto Via, with baby Johnny’s gorgeous mother and beautiful aunt, Johnny and I had the chance to hang out, giggle, and watch the room melt over his charm…all while firming my biceps. 

You see…

Johnny had sat patiently in his stroller as long he could while the ladies devoured our out-of-this-world broccoli puree soup and started into our healthy but delectable salads.  Inevitably, as all babies do, he began to fuss. 

Of course…

There are two ways to handle this.  One way would be to stop our lunch and soothe him with whatever means we could.  The better way is the Hot Mommy Happy Baby way.   I picked him up and held him tightly in my forearm like a football.  Then I had him focus on something red, a color he loves.  Finally, I slowly lowered him toward the red object (a tomato!) and then lifted him back up, working my biceps into a burn. 

The result? 

As you can see in this picture, a very giggly baby and two tight and toned biceps.  Talk about a win-win. 

Over the next 45 minutes, the happy baby Johnny won over the tightly packed lunch crowd.  Nearly the entire group of patio diners commented on his bright smile, his charm, and of course…his dashing good looks ;)

Happy Lunching,

Robin Farr

how-to-lose-baby-weight-fastLet’s get real today. 

We all start out with the best of intentions.  After we pee on that life changing stick we immediately get into battle mode.  We start to eat right, adding vegetables to our menus that we otherwise may have never tried.  We seek out leaner foods that are healthier for our fetus, we take the appropriate vitamins and prenatal supplements, we spend endless hours reading and researching the best nutrition tips, we avoid alcohol and other harmful substances, we take walks even though our ankles are swollen and aching, and we even suffer through allergies and colds without pain killers or decongestants. 

Then our wonderful bundle of joy arrives.   And that is when it happens.  The most common pregnancy weight loss blunder made by women. 

Are you guilty of it too?

 Taking care of our bodies is very important.  This seems to be something we all embrace feverously during pregnancy.   However, once our baby is born, too many of us flip the switch and completely neglect our bodies in order to invest all our energy on our child. 

“I just really want to enjoy motherhood right now.  I can get in shape later,”  is a sentiment commonly uttered by new moms. 

“I am nesting. I will worry about my weight after I am done having kids,” is another one.   

Have you done this too?

Although our newborn babies are and should be our number one priority as new mothers, these rationalizations are ridiculous.  We knew how important it was to take care of ourselves during pregnancy and we did.  Why on earth do so many of us stop? 

Fortunately, taking care of our own bodies and caring for our babies are not mutually exclusive.  With the help of some creative thinking, like the diet and excercises found in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, becoming a strong and healthy parent can be accomplished while creating a healthy, happy and bonded child. There are also some great tips in the Atlanta Parent Magazine.

So do me a favor.  Think back to that moment where you held that life changing stick with the positive result.   Remember the battle mode you instantly went into to take care of yourself and your unborn baby.   It is time to take that same passion and invest it back into yourself.  Take a look at your baby’s lovely eyes, grab your copy of Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, and finish what you started. 


Robin Farr


Hardly.  After reading this recent article published by SELF Magazine, I learned that Gwyneth’s secret to a rockin’ post pregnancy body is five, 1.5 hour workouts per week with a personal trainer (45 minutess cardio / 45 minutes weight training) and a healthy diet that is low in carbs.  If she takes days off, she compensates with 2 hour workouts for 2 weeks. 

Yikes.  There is nothing secret about that!   

If you are a Hollywood star like Ms. Paltrow, this diet and exercise regimen may be realistic.  The rest of us struggle to balance work, parenting and fitness along with our many other responsibilities.   The good news is that if you find creative ways to add exercise into your daily household activities and during play with your child, getting in shape is not only achievable, it can be fun. 

So check out the article below.  Then, don’t despair.  I will be here waiting for you for a solution for pregnancy weight loss that fits your life.      

 ==> Click to Read SELF Magazine’s Article on Gwyneth Paltrow

Have a great weekend,

Robin Farr

Sexy Six Minute Arms

Forget the jewelry. 

Toned and shapely arms are one of the best accessories a woman can wear to compliment her body.  With spring and its warmer weather quickly approaching, we are just a few weeks away from shedding those bulky sweaters and replacing them with sexy, short- sleeved shirts.

Let’s make sure our arms are ready to impress.  The good news is that arms tone up very quickly.  The even better news is that with all the lifting and carrying we do as moms, getting an arm workout is easier than ever. 

So keeping your busy schedule in mind, here are 2 exercises from the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution that you can complete to get sexy arms in just 6 minutes per day. 

1.  Biceps:

Stand straight, feet hip-width apart with feet flat and planted firmly on the ground.  Rest elbows on waist, keeping a straight back.  Hold your baby or a weight (10-20 pounds) with both hands so that your baby’s face or the top of your weight is approximately at your waist. 

Slowly lift your baby or weight up, keeping elbows firmly at your waist.  Hold for several seconds once your elbow reached a 90 degree angle with your arm. 

Work up to completing 3 sets of 10 reps. 

*If using your baby during exercise, make it fun for both of you by saying, “The rocket goes….UP”  during the movement.  It’s fun and helps with early language development. 

2.  Triceps:

Kneel on knees, with a tight tummy, shoulders back and arms extended straight out.  Hold your baby or a weight (10-15 pounds) in your arms.  Find a couch to extend baby above while doing this exercise. 

Keeping body tight, bend elbows at a 90 degree angle while bringing baby forward for a kiss or your weight directly in front of your face.  Slowly return to starting position. 

Work up to completing 2 sets of 10 reps.    

**Our child’s safety is always our first priority.  If you are still building up your muscle strength, attach a small toy to your weight and entertain your baby as you complete your exercises instead of using your child in the exercise. 

 Oh…and when you’ve been at it for a few weeks…I dare you to challenge your guy to an arm wrestle.  ;)

Robin Farr

Some women never leave home without their favorite shade of lipstick.  Others have a hair brush or a nail file stashed away in their purse at all times.  All of these items are great to have on hand, but when it comes to the war of the waistline, there is one ultra important item that you should never leave home without. 

Let’s face it.  Gaining unwanted weight sucks.  So instead of struggling with it on your own, learn from my struggle instead.   During my own weight loss battle, I learned that if I leave home without my secret weapon, I gain weight.  It’s a habit that I have to keep or, despite my best attempts to the contrary, my waistline expands.   So, by now I am sure you are wondering…what is my secret weapon? 

Believe it or not, my secret weapon is a big, delicious green apple.  There’s the old classic saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Well, I am living proof that an apple a day also keeps the love handles away!

When I have a healthy, portable snack available while I am on the go, I eat it instead of a less healthy alternative.  Even if I grab a low fat snack like a bag or pretzels or an energy bar from a convenient mart while on the go instead of my usual apple, I gain weight.   

So, there you have it.  I’m off to run some errands…and I bet you can guess what I’ll be bringing along. 

Talk to you soon,

Robin Farr

 If you have opened a pregnancy magazine, shopped in the newborn aisle of your local store, or been to a parenting website lately, odds are that you have run into an advertisement for the new and very heavily marketed product called Shrinkx Hips ©.  The product, which is a large, elastic band worn around the hips for the first eight weeks after delivery, claims to use the natural hormone relaxin to guide the hips back into place after pregnancy. 

Relaxin?  Is that for real? 

Although the name relaxin sounds like the work of a crafty marketer, after some research I discovered that relaxin is in fact a real hormone.  Our bodies release it during first 14 weeks of pregnancy and then again during the final days of pregnancy immediately preceding birth.  It allows the joints in the pelvis to relax so the baby has room to pass through the birth canal, and as a result, can result in the widening of the hips.  However, our bodies stop producing relaxin within 24 hours of giving birth.


According to the makers of Shrinkx Hips, relaxin produced by our bodies during childbirth can be present for up to 8 weeks.  By using constant and firm pressure on the hips during the first 8 weeks after having a baby, the product takes advantage of the pliability in your pelvic joints to guide them back into position. 

It sounds like a great story with a happy ending.  But…wait…does Shrinkx Hips actually work?

With an average price tag of about $55, finding out if Shrinkx Hips can get your pre-pregnancy hips back is important.  So I did some digging.  Here’s what I found:

-Although the hips do widen during pregnancy, 90% of women have their hips return to normal position within a few months after  delivery. 

-Many women mistake the extra 5 to 10 pounds of fat they carry after pregnancy to be wider hip bones. 

-According to the gynecologist I interviewed about this topic, it’s unlikely that relaxin would be present in the body long enough after childbirth for this product to work as claimed.  However, it’s remotely possible. 


-Women who have bought Shrinkx Hips love it.  After studying its product review on countless websites, it appears that there are many satisfied customers. 

So does Shrinkx Hips really work? 

My best advice to you is to look at your genetics.  What happened to your mom, maternal aunt, sister, etc. after childbirth?  Did their hips widen?  If not, don’t waste your money.  If so, and you are worried about it, you can purchase the product here. 

Just remember, hips are sexy and feminine.  So, even if they do widen or have widened, consider yourself lucky.  Personally, I would take my $55, forget the Shrinkx Hips, and spend it on a really sexy pair of jeans to show off my curvy hips and my flat stomach (from using Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, of course). 

Keep smiling,


Let’s Get Moving!

Happy New Year! 

I know it’s been a long since I have blogged.  In my defense, I have been busy creating fantastic new content for the website and an awesome new bonus.  If you haven’t already signed up for my new bonus, Robin’s 3-Day Feast Your Way Thin system (29.95 Value – FREE), do so right now.  You will love the easy recipes and the delicious and filling foods that will slim your waistline quickly. 

Now that we have that covered, let’s talk motivation.  Let me break down what I learned about motivation during my own successful weight loss.  

  1. Motivation is the most important factor to success. 
  2. Long term motivation is a combination of internal and external motivational factors. 
  3. When you learn how to get and stay motivated, you will be successful for life. 

 We covered the internal motivation techniques extensively in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution.  Remember, cognitive restructuring and targeted visualization?  Since you are an expert in this already, today we are going to focus on external motivation. 

If you have watched my 10 Minute Bikini Ab Bootcamp video, you may recall me discussing my favorite trick for remembering to do abdominal exercises.  Since many tightening and strengthening exercises can be done while driving or sitting at work, it’s really not a matter of when to do them, but more remembering to do them!  So, I have a bunch of little heart stickers placed around my home, car and office.  Each time I see one, it reminds me to do a few abdominal exercises. 

Easy, right?  And guess what…it works! 

Busy moms love things to be easy.  So, today’s external motivator is about as easy as it gets.  Better yet, it’s an instant mood lifter for both you AND your baby.    

When my son was a baby and toddler, our favorite CD to workout to was by Fisher Price.  It’s called “Dance Baby Dance” and it’s definitely gets you and your baby moving.   If you invite me to your child’s birthday party, I always bring a copy as a gift.  If not, Amazon sells it for about $11

And…of course…

Just for fun, I played the CD for my one year old nephew Malcolm over the Christmas holiday.  Check out his reaction in this 1 minute video below.  

Happy  Dancing,

Robin Farr

Crush It!

Okay. ..I’ll admit it.

 Although I am long past my school girl years of prom dates, teenage angst and pimples, I still find myself with a school girl crush every once in a while.  As a grown adult that may seem a bit silly.  Presently, there is a certain lead singer (Danny O’Donaghue) of a certain band (The Script) that I find really adorable.  Tall, dark-haired, handsome and amazingly talented…come on…who could blame me, right?

If you want to be honest, ladies, I am sure each one of you has found yourself with a little crush on someone from time to time.  Don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone. 


If that were the type of crush I was talking about then today’s workout would be really easy.  But I’m not.  So let’s talk about the kind of crush that is going to leave us with the toned arms, sexy thighs, and flat stomachs we want all want. 


Robin’s Workout Challenge = Crush It!

Whether your weight loss goal is 5, 20 or even 100 pounds, the biggest key to success is to stay motivated (and having me to help you, of course!).  So how do you stay motivated to lose weight?  How do you fight through food cravings day after day?  How do you sustain your workout without giving up early? 

These are all things that I discovered while losing over 60 pounds.  Those of you who own my book are already ahead of the curve.  You know how to use cognitive restructuring to easily reprogram your thoughts and to stay motivated using various forms of visualization.  However, here is an extra trick that I use often.  I am challenging you to use this as well during your next run or power walk.

Throughout your jog and especially when you start to tire, focus on a landmark about 15 to 20 seconds farther ahead on your path.   Visualize yourself running past it and then mentally crushing it as you pass.  Imagine the landmark exploding into a million pieces with force.   Easy, right?

Okay…this may seem silly, but even the very simplest act of visualization can be exceptionally motivating.   This little trick will leave you feeling powerful and most importantly, will keep you jogging until you finish your workout.   Try it, you’ll see!

Happy Crushing ;)

Robin Farr

P.S.  By the way, ladies, after we took this picture, Danny asked for the camera, looked at the photo and said…”Nice picture…we would have very beautiful kids.”  I guess even rockstars can appreciate the awesome results of the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution!

P.P.S.  If you haven’t seen my new 4-minute “About Robin” video which will be featured on later this month, check it out here:  

                 Click Here ==>  Watch “About Robin” Video Now

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