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High maintenance women have a bad rap. Of course, some are well deserving of it, we all know that type (um…Paris Hilton)! However, for the rest of us, we need to know when it is beneficial to be a little high maintenance and not be afraid to do it! At, we are going to learn when and how to do it!

Remember, you are so important! You are a new mother and that means your body is more important than ever. Starting in this postpartum period and extending well into the next 18 years and beyond, you need a healthy body to be able to nurture and care for your child. You need energy to conquer the needs of your growing child.

Over the next week, I will cover 4 areas where we need to be high maintenance! Remember, these are needs, not wants, so demand them! Go ahead, be high maintenance!

High Maintenance Situation Number 1: Eating Out

Hot Mommies, I hope that we are all able to make it out for a meal at a restaurant once in a while. Once you are there, do not forget to value your body and your health. Make healthy eating choices and be sure that the restaurant staff helps you to make informed choices. Listed below are 4 simple rules that go a long way to becoming and staying a healthy and happy Hot Mommy!

1. Never Make Assumptions. Eating healthy is not as easy as simply sticking with a salad. Unfortunately, a salad can have more fat and calories than a burger! The lettuce and any vegetables are a great choice, but once the high fat cheeses, the fatty bacon, and the salad dressing is dumped on top it off, you have just made your seemingly healthy choice into calorie overload!

2. Ask Questions. Be well informed before making a menu selection. Ask you waiter or waitress how the meal you are selecting is prepared. For example, Is the tomato soup cream based or pureed? Are the vegetables cooked in oil or steamed? Is the special “house” dressing they use a low calorie or high calorie choice? Can the fried chicken on the entre you want be replaced with grilled chicken?

3. Get What You Want. If there is not a selection on the menu that is amply healthy and exactly what you need, ask for it! This is the part where most women feel they will be conceived as “high maintenance” if they speak up. I am telling you to speak up! Think about your body, your baby, and your health and speak up!

Ask for double the veggies instead of the high fat cheese and bacon. Ask what the low calorie dressing choices are and have them put it on the side. Don’t want egg on your salad? Tell them. Ask for grilled chicken instead of fried. You came there to eat a meal that you will enjoy and that is what they want to provide you with, so get it!

4. Be Assertive But Polite. Does the waitress need to check with the kitchen to see if they can make something the way you want it? Great! Thank her. Is the waiter unsure of what ingredients are used to cook and/or prepare your meal? Ask him if he minds checking for you. Honestly, if you are polite, say thank you, and just mention you are working hard on your figure, you will be received well. In the rare case they are not accommodating, don’t go back. Choose a restaurant that will help you meet your goals to lose your baby weight, build and tone muscles, and stay healthy and energetic.

Remember, that flabby belly won’t make itself disappear! Your postpartum muscles will not be able to properly rebuild without the right fuel. You are worth a few extra questions at dinner! You need to be proactive both at home and while eating out! You can do it!

Stay tuned for High Maintenance Situation Number 2: Your Child’s Healthcare

Wishing you the best!


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