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Here is a picture of the vegetables I brought home from yesterday’s grocery shopping trip.   Mmmmmm!  I will consume all of these in about 7 days!

Are you eating your veggies?  I really hope so!  If you asked me to give you one piece of advice to lose weight effectively, I would tell you to eat tons of vegetables!  Why?  Let’s go over the benefits…

1)       Vegetables are very low in calories and fat.

2)      Vegetables are filling.

3)      Vegetables are high in fiber, which gives us more energy to live an active lifestyle.

4)      When you eat MORE vegetables, you eat LESS of other, less healthy alternatives.

5)      Vegetables are loaded with the healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body needs to be healthy and fight disease. 

Are you convinced yet? 

When I was significantly overweight, I consumed very few vegetables.  I really didn’t like how they tasted.  Amazingly, after adding them back into my diet, I found that I began to crave them all the time!  In fact, when I am traveling, it can be hard to find quality vegetables that haven’t been ruined by fattening butters or oils, so by the time I get home, I literally run in the door and grab them!   For example:  I returned home at 1 AM yesterday after a long day of travel.  Can you believe that the first thing I did was slice up a zucchini and squash, toss them on my wok with a tiny bit of olive oil, and then consume every last bite!   At 1 AM? 

Go crazy on your veggies this week!   Feel great!  Look great!  Have energy! 



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