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Answer the following 5 questions to find out if you are a healthy eater! 

 1. When preparing a meal, how often do you include fresh vegetables on the menu?

a.   Always!  I have to have my veggies!

b.   Most of the time.  I feel better when I add vegetables to my diet.

c.   Sometimes, but I am not a big fan of the greens!

d.   Vegetable?  What’s a vegetable?

2.  What is your typical breakfast?

a.   A bowl of whole grain cereal and low fat milk.

b.   Eggs with whole grain toast, butter and jelly. 

c.   Nothing.

d.   Doughnuts or Pop Tarts for the office vending machine.

3. When eating lunch on the run, which choice would you make?

a.   A turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, skip the mayo!

b.   A salad from a fast food place, light on the dressing!

c.   Nothing.

d.   Blast through a drive through for a cheeseburger and French fries. 

4.  Its 7:30 PM and you have a major dessert craving!  Which do you choose?

a.   Any JELL-O 60 calorie dessert. 

b.   One snack-size bag of low calorie popcorn.

c.   A few cookies; skip the milk!

d.   A bowl of ice cream.  Hey, you had a good workout today! 

5.  What’s on your menu for tonight? 

a.   Grilled chicken, asparagus and a bowl of puree based squash soup.

b.   Turkey burger on a bun with veggies on the side.  

c.   BLT Sandwiches on white bread, potato chips and fruit.  

d.   Pizza delivery!

Rate Yourself: 

Mostly A’s:  Expert Eater!  Very impressive!  You chose healthy meals, healthy snacks, healthy desserts and even know how to eat on the run!   You have the right eating habits to have a healthy, lean and HOT body!

Mostly B’s:  Good Eater!  You know what the right food choices are and you strive to add them to your diet as often as possible.  Although from time to time you add a few calories from less ideal items, you mostly stay on the right path.  If you are adding adequate exercise into your lifestyle, you are slated for success!

 Mostly C’s:   Confused Eater!  Hey, stop skipping meals!  Your body will get confused and decide to start storing calories!  When you do eat, you are not always making the right choices, so your body is avidly storing the wrong things.  Give yourself a break; stop skipping meals and add some healthy choices such as vegetables or whole grains to your next meal. 

 Mostly D’s:   Unhealthy Eater!  Well, we have some work to do!  Making poor food choices does not allow our bodies with the tools to adequately build muscle and sustain an active lifestyle.  The foods you are eating are high in fat and sugar and will not put you on the track for a healthy lifestyle.  Try making some incremental changes until your diet is on track!

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