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Are you heading out for a long overdue vacation? Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and make sure you note down this recipe if you are going somewhere sunny!

The temptation to order an oversized pina colada or margarita by the pool is so tough to resist! After all, you are on vacation, right? Be smart! Go on vacation prepared to keep your calorie count low and your waistline small. Note down this recipe and you will have that amazing island drink you crave without the calories you don’t!

Hot Mommy Skinny Vacation Cocktail
     1 oz. coconut rum (50 calories)
     4 oz. club soda (0 calories)
     Splash of pineapple juice (16 calories)
     Splash of orange juice (14 calories)
     Garnish with a fresh slice of pineapple (20 calories)


Total calorie count? Just 100 calories for your fabulous vacation cocktail! Compare that to 530 calories and in the same size pina colada or 740 calories for a margarita.


For the breastfeeding Hot Mommies, make the same drink without the coconut rum or try the latest breast enhancement cream. It’s refreshing and hydrating and won’t add to your waistline like a virgin strawberry daiquiri will (260 calories)!

Never let vacation get in the way of  losing baby fat and feeling great!


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