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The last 2 ½ weeks have been packed with travel! 

On the list of stops were Washington D.C., Tampa, Florida, Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico and finally, Las Vegas! 

Each of the locations I traveled to has great stories to tell and I have so much to tell you!  I have learned so many amazing things and met fantastic people.  I simply can’t wait to start blogging about all of it…but today I want to share an experience from my cruise! 

Picture this. 

It’s time to go on a family vacation.  I had heard that the Royal Caribbean cruise lines had were very family friendly and had an excellent children’s program, so I took my son, Isaac, on a five night cruise through the Western Caribbean, which stopped in Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico.  He was so excited!  We practiced Spanish for weeks so he could say hello and a few other simple things in the native language once we arrived in Mexico. 

Cruise day finally arrived!  We made our way into Florida and onto the cruise ship.  Isaac was so excited at the sheer size of the boat.  He couldn’t believe that we got to sleep on it too!  I took my super adorable five-year old onto the boat, got him into his swim trunks and up to the top deck to play in the pool. 

As the elevator doors opened to the upper decks, we were greeted by about 700 college spring breakers!   They were everywhere!  Barely twenty-something girls running in skimpy bikinis all over the boat! 


Not even for a second. 

I felt so confident and sexy, even though I was in the company of hundreds of women who were over ten years younger than I was and who had never had a child!

I gave myself a verbal high five, and whipped off my cover up to reveal my own, sexy bikini body!  As a formerly very heavy woman, I have to admit, I enjoyed every minute of it!  There I was, over a decade older, formerly heavy, AND a mother, with the best bikini body on the boat! 

Here’s your proof at

Listed below are two of about a DOZEN killer compliments I received while on the cruise.  Enjoy! 


On the third day of the cruise, I was walking into an evening show, only to be stopped by a group of the college girls.  Here is the conversation! 

Them:  “Are you a professional model?  Are you in a magazine?”

Me:  (giggling inside) “No, thank you though, that’s very flattering for you to ask.”

Them:  “Wow.  Well, your body looks so amazing AND YOU HAVE A KID!  These spring breakers have NOTHING on you!  So you are really not in any magazines?”

Me:  “No, but you made my day!  Thanks!”


I am sitting with my son at a table in the boat’s atrium on the fourth day of the cruise, waiting for him to finish his lunch.  I am approached by a group of male spring breakers this time. 

Them:   (Pointing to my son)  “Excuse me, are you his mother?”

Me:  “Yes”

Half the group smiles at this point, the other half stomps their feet. 

Them:  “Okay, we have been trying to figure out all week if you were his mom or his sister.  The group has a bet on it (hence the half stomping their feet). 

Me:  “Thank you!”

Them:  “Yes, you look really pretty and very in shape like you haven’t had a baby.  It is hard to tell.  You look hot.  Hotter than all these college girls!”

Me:  (beaming) “Thank you, guys.  I really appreciate the compliment.”

That’s right!  There were hundreds of college girls all over the boat, and guess who was sporting the nicest bikini body?  A formerly overweight, thirty-something mother with a five year old child. 

So there you have it.  YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST BODY OF YOUR LIFE AFTER HAVING A BABY!  I can’t stress that enough.  It is NOT just a line.  It is reality!

Go for it! 


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