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If weight loss is simply a combination of a sensible diet and regular exercise, why are more people not successful?  After all, anyone can walk into a book store and pick up their choice of dozens of books on each topic.  There is definitely no shortage of “How-to” books with the information necessary to lose weight.  So why isn’t it just as simple as picking up that book?

The truth is, a sensible diet and regular exercise are not all that it takes to be successful with weight loss.  There is another factor that, unfortunately, is often overlooked by nutrition and fitness professionals.  This factor is the difference between failure and success. 

So, in addition to using the cognitive restructuring methods discussed within the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, take a look at this 4 minute video for an invaluable tip on how to lost that baby fat. 

Lose The Weight: Declare War On Your Baby Fat

You can do it!


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