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Playing in the sand with seven, sexy, shirtless men is a pretty great way to spend an afternoon, right? If you have spent any time in Austin, Texas this summer, then you know the heat is sweltering! Add hot sand and hot men to the mix and you are likely to implode. What an afternoon!

As I was confidently running around in my bikini with the boys, I couldn’t help but flash back to the old days. It was not too long ago that running AND wearing a bikini were both out of the question. I was too heavy to run for more than a few moments and too ashamed of my 205 pound figure to wear a bikini. So I stayed on the sidelines and watched life go by, never believing that I could be the woman with the hot body on the beach.


I realized that life is attitude. What you can achieve is what YOU believe you can achieve.


I chose it. I believed it. I chose to lose the weight and believed that I could get hot. At a size 18, I looked in the mirror and saw the size 4 figure that I wanted. I ate right, exercised moderately, and kept a positive attitude. Almost 70 pounds and an 8 ½ pound baby boy later, I have maintained both my slim and toned figure as well as my beaming smile.

Of course…

Postnatal weight loss is unique. For many women, it is the first time they have ever had to lose a substantial amount of body fat. Our bodies are designed to store the fat when we are pregnant and we do. Also, our muscles are stretched and moved and manipulated to accommodate the baby. Fortunately for us, if we decide that we want our bodies to be fit, trim and healthy, we can be. The tight tummy, the shapely butt, the toned arms and legs; they are all just weeks of exercise and healthy nutrition away.


Who is next? Who is ready to be the hot mom on the beach? Are you already hard at play creating her? I can’t wait to see!

Have the Baby. Create the Bond. Get the Body.



By the way, if you haven’t checked out the OLD me…you can see a picture at I moved some pictures to the top of the webpage, so there is no chance you can miss it!

One Response to “Me, A Sand Volleyball Court & 7 Shirtless Men.”

  1. Hi Robin, that was a great game of Volleyball. I think us 7 shirtless guys were the lucky ones to get to play beach volleyball with you :-) .

    It wasn’t until after the event that I checked out your site and I am floored by your transformation. I thought you looked amazing and had no idea you had shed an unbelievable amount of weight. I’m impressed. Cya next year for the rematch.


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