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Robin vs. The Pastry Shop

Okay, so we’ve all had those moments. You’re on vacation, you are relaxed and carefree. You are away from your normal life and routines. Your refrigerator full of healthy food choices is far away, not only physically but mentally. The energy of a new city is intoxicating and well, so are the endless, tempting food choices you pass by every ½ a block!

So welcome to my yesterday. I am vacationing in San Francisco, California. This city if full of vibrant energy, beautiful and historic sightseeing, amazing shopping, and unbelievable food. The sheer abundance of restaurants is overwhelming. Each short city block boasts three or four eateries each with tempting menus. So how on earth can I last a week in this city without packing on some extra pounds for the trip home?

I was doing really well, resisting temptation after temptation, until I saw it. The beautiful colors caught my eye and I simply couldn’t look away. It was a pastry shop…and it was loaded with some of the most beautiful fruit tarts I have ever seen. When I was overweight, pastries, and specifically fruit tarts topped with colorful, sugar glazed fruit, was my weakness. I could eat five of them, and well…I used to!

PAY ATTENTION HERE! This is the part where we get ourselves into trouble. We start to justify our behavior by using self affirmations like:

“Hey, it doesn’t count. I’m on vacation.”

“You only live once.”

“How often am I in San Francisco at this pastry shop? I should definitely have one!”

We are ALL guilty of rationalizing bad habits with statements like these. It is really important to recognize these behaviors and stop them before they start. In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, we learned how to conquer these self defeating thoughts by replacing them with constructive ones. If you can beat these thoughts, you can conquer any craving!
So getting back to that San Francisco pastry shop I encountered yesterday. I went in. I looked. I marveled. I talked to myself.

“I am so healthy, vibrant and full of energy when I eat right.”

“The new cocktail dress I bought for tonight is going to look amazing on my trim and fit figure.”

“I had a baby and have the best body of my life because I make great food choices.”

And then I walked away with a smile on my face.

So in Robin vs. The Pastry Shop, the score is Robin: 1, Pastry Shop: 0.

I’ll keep you posted! :)


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