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I just finished up a weekend conference and am now sitting by the pool in a gorgeous resort in Austin, Texas. I feel so spoiled today. This pool is utterly amazing. There are five levels of water, each with a waterfall that elegantly falls into the next level. To make it truly a paradise; every pool has an unobstructed view of the blue water of Lake Travis. Not a bad work trip, huh?

So during the past few days, I have sat in a conference room listening to speakers. (They were amazing, by the way!) However, I knew that after a day of sitting and eating that I would be getting into my bikini.

As moms, we get really, really good at multitasking. I’m sure you can think of endless examples in your own life. So why should exercise be any different? While listening to the speakers during in the convention room with 75 other people, I got in a fantastic abdominal workout…without anyone knowing! Great, right?

So here are the 3 awesome, flat belly exercises that what I did while at my work conference. They are simple, effective, and you can do them too.

1. Tight Tummy Squeeze: Sit up straight and squeeze you abdominals tightly. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat for 10 reps. Complete 10 sets.

2. Abdominal Leg Lifts: Sit up straight and squeeze your abdominals tightly. Straighten your legs and extend them out so that your heels are resting on the floor, with your feet at a 90 degree angle to your legs. Slowly lift your legs (together) off the floor to a maximum of about 12 inches. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat for 5 reps. Complete 10 sets.

3. Water Bottle Bikini Abs: Complete the same exercise that we did in the Tight Tummy Squeeze, but superpower the exercise by adding a little weight resistance to it with . During the squeeze, pick up a water bottle and hold it in your fully extended arm during the full 10 second exercise. Repeat for 5 reps. Complete 10 sets.

These 3 exercises will burn your tummy quickly, and all while completing your work day.

So that brings us back to this moment. Me…typing by the pool…in my little, black bikini. My tummy is looking SO flat and toned and it feels amazing.

And please pardon this rare occurrence, but I am going to close with a little rant…

I am SO sick of all the women that go around barking at other moms that they will NEVER get their flat stomachs back. To put it simply…they are wrong. If you want it back and if you are willing to work for it…you will have it back. Remember—if you say you can, than you CAN.

Keep it up, Hot Mommies. Tune out those naysayers who tell you it isn’t possible. They are WRONG.

(and really annoying!)



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