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The NEW Soccer Mom

My newly 6 year old son, Isaac, had his first soccer practice yesterday.  As I suited him up in his shin guards and soccer cleats and handed him his size 3, black and gray soccer ball, I suddenly realized that I was just mere minutes away from officially being a soccer mom!  What a weird feeling.  When I think of the term soccer mom, I think of a frazzled woman with frumpy clothes, a purse filled with goldfish crackers and apple juice, and a super messy car full of yesterday’s lunch and sports equipment.  Aside from the messy car, I don’t fit this description.  So I pulled out my blackberry and googled it.  Here are the results verbatim from Wikipedia. 

The phrase soccer mom generally refers to a married middle-class woman who lives in the suburbs and has school age children.  She is sometimes portrayed in the media as busy or overburdened and driving a minivan.  She is also portrayed as putting the interests of her family, and most importantly her children, ahead of her own.

Pretty boring, right?  Who wants to be a soccer mom if that is what it means!  Yikes!

So, Hot Mommies, starting today we are redefining the term soccer mom.  The NEW Soccer Mom is a hot, fit and energetic powerhouse.  She is in shape, rested, well bonded with her child(ren) and not so overly stressed that she thinks the 6 year old soccer scrimmage is worthy of yells typically heard at a Superbowl.  She may have a messy car (hey, no one’s perfect) but she keeps her body in order. 

So what do you need to be a NEW Soccer Mom? 

  1.  Good Core Strength:  The NEW Soccer Mom doesn’t sit idly on the field.  She actively watches the drills so she can practice with her child.  There are plenty of moves that require jumping, turning, stopping, twisting…you name it.  Good core strength makes her natural at these.  Try the Baby Weight Sit-Ups, Just For Mom Exercise Ball Balance and Sexy Stairs Tummy Tuck exercises in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution to work on core strength. 
  2. Cardiovascular Stamina:  What better way to keep trim and relieve the stress of the work day than by running the soccer ball with your child?  Make sure to revisit the Fun Run and Stroller Butt Burn cardio exercises in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution to get you ready to rock the soccer field. 
  3. Internet Access:   Let’s bag the submissive mom act and become proactive on the field.  Why not YouTube some cutting edge soccer moves while your child is warming up with his/her coach?             

So, Hot Mommies, let’s politely ask the old, frazzled and grumpy soccer moms to clear the way.  It’s our turn to step on the field. 

Happy Kicking!


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