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Bonjour, Ladies!

I have two words for you…

“You’re Welcome.”

I am blogging from Paris, France today and am in the company of a very special friend.  Today, the hot, French model David Guerre will be spending some time with us.  Yes, you heard me…you see that guy in the magazine ad?  He wants to talk to you. 

Whoever said that eating healthy is boring, has never been schooled by this incredibly sexy man.  When it comes to tight abs, toned muscles, and an incredible shape, David has it figured out.  As one of the top European models, David has made a career out of keeping an incredible body.

In addition to being a hot model, David is a Hot Daddy, too.  So, just this one time, don’t take my word for it. Let me reward you for your healthy eating and commitment to fitness by having David come into your home to show you how to keep your plates healthy and delicious, while you continue to create that great body after baby. 

Oh, and just wait until you hear his accent…

So, ladies, before you feast on your healthy dinner this evening, feel free to feast your eyes on David as he offers some fantastic tips to keeping things spicy in the kitchen. 

Press this link for the video blog: 

===> Watch Video Now

Au Revoir for now…

Robin Farr

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