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Hot Moms’ Night Out

Spotted:  Four Hot Moms Having Fun at a Braves vs. Marlins Game in Atlanta, GA.


Last weekend I took a few days away and went with my good friends for a road trip to Atlanta, GA.  Taking time away from my son is never easy.  I have bad dreams before I leave, I worry about every and anything that can go wrong as I walk out the door, and I drive his dad crazy with pages and pages of instructions to ensure that my child has everything he needs (food, vitamins, inhaler, homework, adequate sleep, you name it) while I am gone.  So why do I even leave?  Isn’t it more trouble than it’s worth?

Let’s analyze.

Here are the facts we all talk about:

Motherhood is a gift.  It is full of simple, powerful and humbling moments.  It’s a chance to grow up a second time, but with a new perspective.  It’s an excuse to be silly again.  It’s a loving bond that is unparalleled in any other relationship.  I’m sure you will all agree; motherhood basically rocks.

Here are more facts we don’t often talk about:

As amazing as it all of this is, every women (even supermom) has days that are tough.  We get tired and we  feel overextended.  Sometimes we get frustrated and sometimes we need a break.  I thought that the writers of Sex and the City 2 did a great job of capturing these moments very fittingly.  Do you remember the scene where Charlotte was helping her daughter make cupcakes while her other child threw a tantrum?  The pink icing ended up on Charlotte’s favorite, white pants and she ended up crying in the closet.  Of course this is an extreme example, but each of us certainly has had moments were we can use a breather.

Guess what?  Drumroll please…

That’s okay!

In fact, it’s normal.  As mothers, we assume such an important and awesome role that we sometimes forget about our other persona.  You are a mother but do not forget to also be (insert your name here) from time to time.  Your child needs to know you…that fun, confident woman beaming with energy and life.  Not a frazzled, overextended mom.  In order to be the best mother AND the best partner we can be, it is so important to maintain balance.

Don’t worry…Here’s why YOU are ahead of the game:

By using the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution you are creating valuable bonding moments with your child during exercise.  In addition to your other bonding activities, you have been reinforcing your special connection as a mother while working on your health and fitness.  You have been creating the balance in your life that enables you to find (insert your name here) from time to time.

And you want your child to know her.  She’s great, right?

So now what?

Go find her.  After you spoil your body and your child with your Hot Mommy exercises, go take a long lunch, a night out for a cocktail and gossip, or even a weekend trip with the girls.  Go find (insert name here).  Your child will be delighted to meet her over and over again.

By The Way…

In case you were wondering, the Braves won.  Right as we walked into the game waving our big, red, Braves foam-finger, LoMo (#20) of the Marlins ran straight into his teammate, causing the ball to fall out of his teammate’s glove and the Braves ran in a successful run.  Coincidence?

Sorry Marlins…you’ll need to try a little harder to win over the Hot Mom fan club.  ;)



P.S. Check out this story from the game!

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