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Whether or not it relates to my blonde hair, I feel it is fair to admit that good spatial judgment is not my thing.  So if you see me behind the wheel, do us both a favor and be sure to give me a little extra room when changing lanes. 

Similarly, on your quest to obtain a flat tummy, toned arms and legs, and a fit figure after baby, steer clear of each item of the following list.  You will be so glad you did. 

  1. That spot on your couch that is perfectly molded to your booty. 
  2. Just having “one bite” of ice cream.  Yeah, right. 
  3. Shaving 5 minutes off your cardio because [insert excuse here].  Just finish the workout.
  4. Not making it to the grocery store to pick up your fresh fruits and veggies.  What is more important than your health?  Please don’t tell me the most recent episode of Glee…
  5. Finishing your child’s dinner.  You have a refrigerator and a ziplock bag, right?  That’s a better place for it. 
  6. Wearing your fat jeans.  Destroy those.  You don’t need them anymore. 
  7. Skipping breakfast.  Shame on you!   Please reread page 69 of  Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution if you are still doing this. 
  8. That friend that always demands you do lunch at Arby’s.  You can make new friends. 
  9. Picnic foods.  So your choices are hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cookies, baked beans, chips, and soda.  Yikes.  You want to LOSE weight, right?  Pack a lunch.
  10. Being too tired for sex.  (Men…I have your back here!)  Indulge in some steamy romance with your partner for 20+ minutes.  Hey, can you think of a better way to burn 100+ calories?

Keep at it!  You can do it! 

Robin Farr

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