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Strong Moms = Happy Kids

Being fit has its benefits. 

Of course, we all love to look good, but as mothers the benefits extend way past the pride of a tight stomach, toned butt, and sleek figure. 

I dare say…it’s quite functional to be fit. 

Here’s why…

1.  Tight Butt and Legs

My son has asthma.  Poor little guy.  This means that we have days where he needs to limit his physical activity.  For a busy 6 year old, this is tough. 

Last month we both caught a terrible sinus cold.  It took weeks to get over.  To keep our spirits up, I promised him a fun and crazy day at the water park when we were both better.  After what seemed like ages, we finally made it there. 

Isaac was so excited ride the slides.  However, as fate would have it, this was the day his asthma decided to flare up, and the trips up the stairs to go down the water slides were impossible. 

…Okay…so this is where moms like YOU enter the scene…

I decided that asthma was not going to ruin our fun day.  So I picked all 55 pounds of him and lifted him up the 3 stories of stairs that it took to ride each slide.  We did this over and over again. 

The kicker….

I didn’t even break sweat.  It felt amazing.  I waked straight up flight after flight of stairs, in a bikini, holding a 55 pound child, and felt great!  Better yet, my legs and butt were strong enough to handle the challenge. 

What a day. 

2.  Strong Arms

Baseball games.  So much fun, right? 

Kids love the game, the cotton candy, and the super silly dancing in between innings….  The only tough part for kids is staying awake through the 9th inning. 

So do you have to leave early and have them miss the fun? 


Are you strong enough to carry him or her from the stadium to the car?  Could you handle 10 blocks? 

Make this your goal!  Build strong and toned arms by doing your Hot Mommy Happy Baby arm exercises regularly. 

3.  Strong Core

 Piggyback rides are an essential childhood memory.  You can change a boring outing at the mall into a human amusement park ride just by putting your child on your back and acting silly! 

With a strong core and tight abs, you can last as long as your child can.  And with giggles to reward your efforts, building those strong, flat abs after baby is a great goal. 


Let’s get strong and healthy so we can look great AND we can be great moms!  How’s that for a win-win? 

Talk to you soon,

Robin Farr

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  1. Jackie AGT says:

    I like that you go straight to the point in your latest posts, appreciate!

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