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Crush It!

Okay. ..I’ll admit it.

 Although I am long past my school girl years of prom dates, teenage angst and pimples, I still find myself with a school girl crush every once in a while.  As a grown adult that may seem a bit silly.  Presently, there is a certain lead singer (Danny O’Donaghue) of a certain band (The Script) that I find really adorable.  Tall, dark-haired, handsome and amazingly talented…come on…who could blame me, right?

If you want to be honest, ladies, I am sure each one of you has found yourself with a little crush on someone from time to time.  Don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone. 


If that were the type of crush I was talking about then today’s workout would be really easy.  But I’m not.  So let’s talk about the kind of crush that is going to leave us with the toned arms, sexy thighs, and flat stomachs we want all want. 


Robin’s Workout Challenge = Crush It!

Whether your weight loss goal is 5, 20 or even 100 pounds, the biggest key to success is to stay motivated (and having me to help you, of course!).  So how do you stay motivated to lose weight?  How do you fight through food cravings day after day?  How do you sustain your workout without giving up early? 

These are all things that I discovered while losing over 60 pounds.  Those of you who own my book are already ahead of the curve.  You know how to use cognitive restructuring to easily reprogram your thoughts and to stay motivated using various forms of visualization.  However, here is an extra trick that I use often.  I am challenging you to use this as well during your next run or power walk.

Throughout your jog and especially when you start to tire, focus on a landmark about 15 to 20 seconds farther ahead on your path.   Visualize yourself running past it and then mentally crushing it as you pass.  Imagine the landmark exploding into a million pieces with force.   Easy, right?

Okay…this may seem silly, but even the very simplest act of visualization can be exceptionally motivating.   This little trick will leave you feeling powerful and most importantly, will keep you jogging until you finish your workout.   Try it, you’ll see!

Happy Crushing ;)

Robin Farr

P.S.  By the way, ladies, after we took this picture, Danny asked for the camera, looked at the photo and said…”Nice picture…we would have very beautiful kids.”  I guess even rockstars can appreciate the awesome results of the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution!

P.P.S.  If you haven’t seen my new 4-minute “About Robin” video which will be featured on later this month, check it out here:  

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