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 If you have opened a pregnancy magazine, shopped in the newborn aisle of your local store, or been to a parenting website lately, odds are that you have run into an advertisement for the new and very heavily marketed product called Shrinkx Hips ©.  The product, which is a large, elastic band worn around the hips for the first eight weeks after delivery, claims to use the natural hormone relaxin to guide the hips back into place after pregnancy. 

Relaxin?  Is that for real? 

Although the name relaxin sounds like the work of a crafty marketer, after some research I discovered that relaxin is in fact a real hormone.  Our bodies release it during first 14 weeks of pregnancy and then again during the final days of pregnancy immediately preceding birth.  It allows the joints in the pelvis to relax so the baby has room to pass through the birth canal, and as a result, can result in the widening of the hips.  However, our bodies stop producing relaxin within 24 hours of giving birth.


According to the makers of Shrinkx Hips, relaxin produced by our bodies during childbirth can be present for up to 8 weeks.  By using constant and firm pressure on the hips during the first 8 weeks after having a baby, the product takes advantage of the pliability in your pelvic joints to guide them back into position. 

It sounds like a great story with a happy ending.  But…wait…does Shrinkx Hips actually work?

With an average price tag of about $55, finding out if Shrinkx Hips can get your pre-pregnancy hips back is important.  So I did some digging.  Here’s what I found:

-Although the hips do widen during pregnancy, 90% of women have their hips return to normal position within a few months after  delivery. 

-Many women mistake the extra 5 to 10 pounds of fat they carry after pregnancy to be wider hip bones. 

-According to the gynecologist I interviewed about this topic, it’s unlikely that relaxin would be present in the body long enough after childbirth for this product to work as claimed.  However, it’s remotely possible. 


-Women who have bought Shrinkx Hips love it.  After studying its product review on countless websites, it appears that there are many satisfied customers. 

So does Shrinkx Hips really work? 

My best advice to you is to look at your genetics.  What happened to your mom, maternal aunt, sister, etc. after childbirth?  Did their hips widen?  If not, don’t waste your money.  If so, and you are worried about it, you can purchase the product here. 

Just remember, hips are sexy and feminine.  So, even if they do widen or have widened, consider yourself lucky.  Personally, I would take my $55, forget the Shrinkx Hips, and spend it on a really sexy pair of jeans to show off my curvy hips and my flat stomach (from using Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, of course). 

Keep smiling,


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