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Sexy Six Minute Arms

Forget the jewelry. 

Toned and shapely arms are one of the best accessories a woman can wear to compliment her body.  With spring and its warmer weather quickly approaching, we are just a few weeks away from shedding those bulky sweaters and replacing them with sexy, short- sleeved shirts.

Let’s make sure our arms are ready to impress.  The good news is that arms tone up very quickly.  The even better news is that with all the lifting and carrying we do as moms, getting an arm workout is easier than ever. 

So keeping your busy schedule in mind, here are 2 exercises from the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution that you can complete to get sexy arms in just 6 minutes per day. 

1.  Biceps:

Stand straight, feet hip-width apart with feet flat and planted firmly on the ground.  Rest elbows on waist, keeping a straight back.  Hold your baby or a weight (10-20 pounds) with both hands so that your baby’s face or the top of your weight is approximately at your waist. 

Slowly lift your baby or weight up, keeping elbows firmly at your waist.  Hold for several seconds once your elbow reached a 90 degree angle with your arm. 

Work up to completing 3 sets of 10 reps. 

*If using your baby during exercise, make it fun for both of you by saying, “The rocket goes….UP”  during the movement.  It’s fun and helps with early language development. 

2.  Triceps:

Kneel on knees, with a tight tummy, shoulders back and arms extended straight out.  Hold your baby or a weight (10-15 pounds) in your arms.  Find a couch to extend baby above while doing this exercise. 

Keeping body tight, bend elbows at a 90 degree angle while bringing baby forward for a kiss or your weight directly in front of your face.  Slowly return to starting position. 

Work up to completing 2 sets of 10 reps.    

**Our child’s safety is always our first priority.  If you are still building up your muscle strength, attach a small toy to your weight and entertain your baby as you complete your exercises instead of using your child in the exercise. 

 Oh…and when you’ve been at it for a few weeks…I dare you to challenge your guy to an arm wrestle.  ;)

Robin Farr

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