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Hardly.  After reading this recent article published by SELF Magazine, I learned that Gwyneth’s secret to a rockin’ post pregnancy body is five, 1.5 hour workouts per week with a personal trainer (45 minutess cardio / 45 minutes weight training) and a healthy diet that is low in carbs.  If she takes days off, she compensates with 2 hour workouts for 2 weeks. 

Yikes.  There is nothing secret about that!   

If you are a Hollywood star like Ms. Paltrow, this diet and exercise regimen may be realistic.  The rest of us struggle to balance work, parenting and fitness along with our many other responsibilities.   The good news is that if you find creative ways to add exercise into your daily household activities and during play with your child, getting in shape is not only achievable, it can be fun. 

So check out the article below.  Then, don’t despair.  I will be here waiting for you for a solution for pregnancy weight loss that fits your life.      

 ==> Click to Read SELF Magazine’s Article on Gwyneth Paltrow

Have a great weekend,

Robin Farr

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