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how-to-lose-baby-weight-fastLet’s get real today. 

We all start out with the best of intentions.  After we pee on that life changing stick we immediately get into battle mode.  We start to eat right, adding vegetables to our menus that we otherwise may have never tried.  We seek out leaner foods that are healthier for our fetus, we take the appropriate vitamins and prenatal supplements, we spend endless hours reading and researching the best nutrition tips, we avoid alcohol and other harmful substances, we take walks even though our ankles are swollen and aching, and we even suffer through allergies and colds without pain killers or decongestants. 

Then our wonderful bundle of joy arrives.   And that is when it happens.  The most common pregnancy weight loss blunder made by women. 

Are you guilty of it too?

 Taking care of our bodies is very important.  This seems to be something we all embrace feverously during pregnancy.   However, once our baby is born, too many of us flip the switch and completely neglect our bodies in order to invest all our energy on our child. 

“I just really want to enjoy motherhood right now.  I can get in shape later,”  is a sentiment commonly uttered by new moms. 

“I am nesting. I will worry about my weight after I am done having kids,” is another one.   

Have you done this too?

Although our newborn babies are and should be our number one priority as new mothers, these rationalizations are ridiculous.  We knew how important it was to take care of ourselves during pregnancy and we did.  Why on earth do so many of us stop? 

Fortunately, taking care of our own bodies and caring for our babies are not mutually exclusive.  With the help of some creative thinking, like the diet and excercises found in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, becoming a strong and healthy parent can be accomplished while creating a healthy, happy and bonded child. There are also some great tips in the Atlanta Parent Magazine.

So do me a favor.  Think back to that moment where you held that life changing stick with the positive result.   Remember the battle mode you instantly went into to take care of yourself and your unborn baby.   It is time to take that same passion and invest it back into yourself.  Take a look at your baby’s lovely eyes, grab your copy of Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, and finish what you started. 


Robin Farr

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