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Spotted: Happy Baby lunching at Porto Via in Beverly Hills

How do you turn a fussy baby into a happy baby, all while lunching with your friends AND shaping your biceps? 

It’s simple. 

As we know from the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, we can get into shape at any time and in any place.  It just takes the right mindset…and a little creative thinking. 


While I was having a girls’ lunch at the most delicious Beverly Hills restaurant, Porto Via, with baby Johnny’s gorgeous mother and beautiful aunt, Johnny and I had the chance to hang out, giggle, and watch the room melt over his charm…all while firming my biceps. 

You see…

Johnny had sat patiently in his stroller as long he could while the ladies devoured our out-of-this-world broccoli puree soup and started into our healthy but delectable salads.  Inevitably, as all babies do, he began to fuss. 

Of course…

There are two ways to handle this.  One way would be to stop our lunch and soothe him with whatever means we could.  The better way is the Hot Mommy Happy Baby way.   I picked him up and held him tightly in my forearm like a football.  Then I had him focus on something red, a color he loves.  Finally, I slowly lowered him toward the red object (a tomato!) and then lifted him back up, working my biceps into a burn. 

The result? 

As you can see in this picture, a very giggly baby and two tight and toned biceps.  Talk about a win-win. 

Over the next 45 minutes, the happy baby Johnny won over the tightly packed lunch crowd.  Nearly the entire group of patio diners commented on his bright smile, his charm, and of course…his dashing good looks ;)

Happy Lunching,

Robin Farr

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