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Category Archive for 'Relationships'

Spotted:  Four Hot Moms Having Fun at a Braves vs. Marlins Game in Atlanta, GA.   Last weekend I took a few days away and went with my good friends for a road trip to Atlanta, GA.  Taking time away from my son is never easy.  I have bad dreams before I leave, I worry [...]

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Are You A Flirt? I Hope So…

 Are you a flirt?  I hope so… Flirting is such a big deal.  It can make or break a relationship.  Think for a moment.  When was the last time you flirted with your partner?  Was it today?  Yesterday?  Last week?  So long ago that you can’t even remember?    Having a baby is spectacular, but we [...]

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Can relationships make us fat?  According to a recent article in Women’s Health magazine, women who have been in a relationship for 2 or more years are more likely to gain weight than single women.  The article examines 5 behaviors that are common in relationships and how to prevent them.  Are you guilty of any? [...]

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