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Whether or not it relates to my blonde hair, I feel it is fair to admit that good spatial judgment is not my thing.  So if you see me behind the wheel, do us both a favor and be sure to give me a little extra room when changing lanes. 

Similarly, on your quest to obtain a flat tummy, toned arms and legs, and a fit figure after baby, steer clear of each item of the following list.  You will be so glad you did. 

  1. That spot on your couch that is perfectly molded to your booty. 
  2. Just having “one bite” of ice cream.  Yeah, right. 
  3. Shaving 5 minutes off your cardio because [insert excuse here].  Just finish the workout.
  4. Not making it to the grocery store to pick up your fresh fruits and veggies.  What is more important than your health?  Please don’t tell me the most recent episode of Glee…
  5. Finishing your child’s dinner.  You have a refrigerator and a ziplock bag, right?  That’s a better place for it. 
  6. Wearing your fat jeans.  Destroy those.  You don’t need them anymore. 
  7. Skipping breakfast.  Shame on you!   Please reread page 69 of  Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution if you are still doing this. 
  8. That friend that always demands you do lunch at Arby’s.  You can make new friends. 
  9. Picnic foods.  So your choices are hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cookies, baked beans, chips, and soda.  Yikes.  You want to LOSE weight, right?  Pack a lunch.
  10. Being too tired for sex.  (Men…I have your back here!)  Indulge in some steamy romance with your partner for 20+ minutes.  Hey, can you think of a better way to burn 100+ calories?

Keep at it!  You can do it! 

Robin Farr

Strong Moms = Happy Kids

Being fit has its benefits. 

Of course, we all love to look good, but as mothers the benefits extend way past the pride of a tight stomach, toned butt, and sleek figure. 

I dare say…it’s quite functional to be fit. 

Here’s why…

1.  Tight Butt and Legs

My son has asthma.  Poor little guy.  This means that we have days where he needs to limit his physical activity.  For a busy 6 year old, this is tough. 

Last month we both caught a terrible sinus cold.  It took weeks to get over.  To keep our spirits up, I promised him a fun and crazy day at the water park when we were both better.  After what seemed like ages, we finally made it there. 

Isaac was so excited ride the slides.  However, as fate would have it, this was the day his asthma decided to flare up, and the trips up the stairs to go down the water slides were impossible. 

…Okay…so this is where moms like YOU enter the scene…

I decided that asthma was not going to ruin our fun day.  So I picked all 55 pounds of him and lifted him up the 3 stories of stairs that it took to ride each slide.  We did this over and over again. 

The kicker….

I didn’t even break sweat.  It felt amazing.  I waked straight up flight after flight of stairs, in a bikini, holding a 55 pound child, and felt great!  Better yet, my legs and butt were strong enough to handle the challenge. 

What a day. 

2.  Strong Arms

Baseball games.  So much fun, right? 

Kids love the game, the cotton candy, and the super silly dancing in between innings….  The only tough part for kids is staying awake through the 9th inning. 

So do you have to leave early and have them miss the fun? 


Are you strong enough to carry him or her from the stadium to the car?  Could you handle 10 blocks? 

Make this your goal!  Build strong and toned arms by doing your Hot Mommy Happy Baby arm exercises regularly. 

3.  Strong Core

 Piggyback rides are an essential childhood memory.  You can change a boring outing at the mall into a human amusement park ride just by putting your child on your back and acting silly! 

With a strong core and tight abs, you can last as long as your child can.  And with giggles to reward your efforts, building those strong, flat abs after baby is a great goal. 


Let’s get strong and healthy so we can look great AND we can be great moms!  How’s that for a win-win? 

Talk to you soon,

Robin Farr

Bonjour, Ladies!

I have two words for you…

“You’re Welcome.”

I am blogging from Paris, France today and am in the company of a very special friend.  Today, the hot, French model David Guerre will be spending some time with us.  Yes, you heard me…you see that guy in the magazine ad?  He wants to talk to you. 

Whoever said that eating healthy is boring, has never been schooled by this incredibly sexy man.  When it comes to tight abs, toned muscles, and an incredible shape, David has it figured out.  As one of the top European models, David has made a career out of keeping an incredible body.

In addition to being a hot model, David is a Hot Daddy, too.  So, just this one time, don’t take my word for it. Let me reward you for your healthy eating and commitment to fitness by having David come into your home to show you how to keep your plates healthy and delicious, while you continue to create that great body after baby. 

Oh, and just wait until you hear his accent…

So, ladies, before you feast on your healthy dinner this evening, feel free to feast your eyes on David as he offers some fantastic tips to keeping things spicy in the kitchen. 

Press this link for the video blog: 

===> Watch Video Now

Au Revoir for now…

Robin Farr

The Naughty List

Have you been naughty?  

People often ask me how I gained so much weight.  It is pretty simple.  I ate a lot of bad foods and I didn’t exercise very often.  Naturally, the next question people ask is what foods I ate when gaining the weight.  So, for your enjoyment (and my embarrassment), here is my naughty list.  The terrible foods I used to enjoy regularly that sent me into a 65 pound weight gain.

Oh…and if you happen to be consuming more than a couple of these foods on a regular basis, you should stick around and read some of my other blogs.  ;)   Getting HOT, fit, healthy and shedding that baby belly fast isn’t hard if you make the right food choices.  Let’s do it together. 

Robin’s Naughty List

Bacon Wrapped Steaks

Potatoes with Butter and Sour Cream

Chicken Pot Pies





Lucky Charms Cereal



French Fries

Mashed Potatoes (Made with Sour Cream)

Buttered Popcorn

Apple Pie

Fried Chicken Fingers

Bagels and Cream Cheese


Potato Chips

Full Fat Vegetable Dip (To Dip Chips In, Of Course!)


White Bread

Chicken Wings

Strawberry Daiquiris with Whipped Cream

Now that my face is a bit blushed with embarrassment, I am off to the market to make some better choices.  Stay tuned for my Nice List.  I will be posting it soon!

Be good Ladies…

Robin Farr

Carbs Suck.

Carbs suck.  Sure, they taste great.  They are portable, really easy to store and instantly satisfying.  If you watch your intake, you can even keep your calorie total low while still eating plenty of carbs. 

So what’s the catch? 

Before we get to that, let’s back up and talk about the sad state of my refrigerator yesterday.  With so much recent travel and rushing around from one activity to another over the last few weeks, I have had no time to get to the grocery store.  My normally well stocked refrigerator full of eggs, greek yogurt, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, fresh salsa, and soups was completely empty.  Literally, I think there was a jar of applesauce and some ketchup. 

I had to venture to the next door on the left.  The pantry.  It was a little scary.  I have things in there that have been waiting for me to open them for ages.  I ended up finding a bagel for breakfast.  It was pretty big and had close to 400 calories in it.  Even without butter or jelly, the calorie total was still more than my usual omlette.  After eating the bagel I felt full fast, but an hour later I was starving again!  So, trying to be conservative, I snacked on some rice cakes.  Again, 150 calories later I was hungry within 60 minutes.  I held out until lunch and ate some pasta.  Almost 600 calories later I was so completely satisfied and felt tired (lunch coma is the worst, right?).  Fully expecting to be full until dinner, I was shocked when I found myself checking the pantry again and snaking on 200 more carbohydrate calories just 2 hours later.  I consumed 1,350 calories by 2:30 pm and this was me trying to be conservative?  Yikes. 

Excuse my language, but WTF? 

Normally, I eat fewer calories and stay completely satisfied between meals.  This is because my normal diet is high in protein (lean meats, eggs, greek yogurt), fiber (fruits and veggies) and water content (soups, fruits and veggies).  High protein, high fiber and high water content foods make you feel full for a long time.  They also provide great building blocks for your body to create lean muscle.  Carbs on the other hand, tend to build up as fat around your tummy (ew!) and cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop, leaving you feeling run down and hungry throughout the day. 

See?  I told you.  Carbs suck.               

So no more excuses to miss that important shopping trip.  Let’s get to the store and load up our refrigerators so we can fill our bodies with the right foods to stay full of energy, keep tight and flat post baby abs, and healthy bodies. 

Happy Shopping,

Robin Farr

Hot Moms’ Night Out

Spotted:  Four Hot Moms Having Fun at a Braves vs. Marlins Game in Atlanta, GA.


Last weekend I took a few days away and went with my good friends for a road trip to Atlanta, GA.  Taking time away from my son is never easy.  I have bad dreams before I leave, I worry about every and anything that can go wrong as I walk out the door, and I drive his dad crazy with pages and pages of instructions to ensure that my child has everything he needs (food, vitamins, inhaler, homework, adequate sleep, you name it) while I am gone.  So why do I even leave?  Isn’t it more trouble than it’s worth?

Let’s analyze.

Here are the facts we all talk about:

Motherhood is a gift.  It is full of simple, powerful and humbling moments.  It’s a chance to grow up a second time, but with a new perspective.  It’s an excuse to be silly again.  It’s a loving bond that is unparalleled in any other relationship.  I’m sure you will all agree; motherhood basically rocks.

Here are more facts we don’t often talk about:

As amazing as it all of this is, every women (even supermom) has days that are tough.  We get tired and we  feel overextended.  Sometimes we get frustrated and sometimes we need a break.  I thought that the writers of Sex and the City 2 did a great job of capturing these moments very fittingly.  Do you remember the scene where Charlotte was helping her daughter make cupcakes while her other child threw a tantrum?  The pink icing ended up on Charlotte’s favorite, white pants and she ended up crying in the closet.  Of course this is an extreme example, but each of us certainly has had moments were we can use a breather.

Guess what?  Drumroll please…

That’s okay!

In fact, it’s normal.  As mothers, we assume such an important and awesome role that we sometimes forget about our other persona.  You are a mother but do not forget to also be (insert your name here) from time to time.  Your child needs to know you…that fun, confident woman beaming with energy and life.  Not a frazzled, overextended mom.  In order to be the best mother AND the best partner we can be, it is so important to maintain balance.

Don’t worry…Here’s why YOU are ahead of the game:

By using the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution you are creating valuable bonding moments with your child during exercise.  In addition to your other bonding activities, you have been reinforcing your special connection as a mother while working on your health and fitness.  You have been creating the balance in your life that enables you to find (insert your name here) from time to time.

And you want your child to know her.  She’s great, right?

So now what?

Go find her.  After you spoil your body and your child with your Hot Mommy exercises, go take a long lunch, a night out for a cocktail and gossip, or even a weekend trip with the girls.  Go find (insert name here).  Your child will be delighted to meet her over and over again.

By The Way…

In case you were wondering, the Braves won.  Right as we walked into the game waving our big, red, Braves foam-finger, LoMo (#20) of the Marlins ran straight into his teammate, causing the ball to fall out of his teammate’s glove and the Braves ran in a successful run.  Coincidence?

Sorry Marlins…you’ll need to try a little harder to win over the Hot Mom fan club.  ;)



P.S. Check out this story from the game!

The NEW Soccer Mom

My newly 6 year old son, Isaac, had his first soccer practice yesterday.  As I suited him up in his shin guards and soccer cleats and handed him his size 3, black and gray soccer ball, I suddenly realized that I was just mere minutes away from officially being a soccer mom!  What a weird feeling.  When I think of the term soccer mom, I think of a frazzled woman with frumpy clothes, a purse filled with goldfish crackers and apple juice, and a super messy car full of yesterday’s lunch and sports equipment.  Aside from the messy car, I don’t fit this description.  So I pulled out my blackberry and googled it.  Here are the results verbatim from Wikipedia. 

The phrase soccer mom generally refers to a married middle-class woman who lives in the suburbs and has school age children.  She is sometimes portrayed in the media as busy or overburdened and driving a minivan.  She is also portrayed as putting the interests of her family, and most importantly her children, ahead of her own.

Pretty boring, right?  Who wants to be a soccer mom if that is what it means!  Yikes!

So, Hot Mommies, starting today we are redefining the term soccer mom.  The NEW Soccer Mom is a hot, fit and energetic powerhouse.  She is in shape, rested, well bonded with her child(ren) and not so overly stressed that she thinks the 6 year old soccer scrimmage is worthy of yells typically heard at a Superbowl.  She may have a messy car (hey, no one’s perfect) but she keeps her body in order. 

So what do you need to be a NEW Soccer Mom? 

  1.  Good Core Strength:  The NEW Soccer Mom doesn’t sit idly on the field.  She actively watches the drills so she can practice with her child.  There are plenty of moves that require jumping, turning, stopping, twisting…you name it.  Good core strength makes her natural at these.  Try the Baby Weight Sit-Ups, Just For Mom Exercise Ball Balance and Sexy Stairs Tummy Tuck exercises in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution to work on core strength. 
  2. Cardiovascular Stamina:  What better way to keep trim and relieve the stress of the work day than by running the soccer ball with your child?  Make sure to revisit the Fun Run and Stroller Butt Burn cardio exercises in the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution to get you ready to rock the soccer field. 
  3. Internet Access:   Let’s bag the submissive mom act and become proactive on the field.  Why not YouTube some cutting edge soccer moves while your child is warming up with his/her coach?             

So, Hot Mommies, let’s politely ask the old, frazzled and grumpy soccer moms to clear the way.  It’s our turn to step on the field. 

Happy Kicking!


The way I see it, great triceps and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle have one striking thing in common.  Any idea what that it?

Get thinking.  I’ll get back to that in a moment. 

First let’s talk about my recent trip to San Francisco.  You’ve already heard about my battle with the incredible looking pastries, but what you haven’t heard about yet is my walks and what a unique place San Francisco is to stroll.  The hills are so extreme that you get a killer workout in just a few, short blocks.  While I was there a few weeks ago, I decided to take a long walk up and down the charming neighborhood streets of Nob Hill.  During my stroll, I encountered this fantastic motorcycle parked by a townhouse.  Now I don’t know much about motorcycles and actually have no clue what type of Harley this particular bike is, all I can tell you for sure is that it was a great bike.  Hot is a better word. 

So, of course, I had to take a picture by it.  I’m sure you will agree, standing next to that Hot Harley-Davidson made me look Hotter! Who wouldn’t look hotter next to that bike? (okay, okay, aside from the that guy in the leather chaps with the braided beard who gawks at you in traffic….not him)

Which brings us back to my original question.  What does that Harley and great triceps have in common?   The answer:  They BOTH make a woman look really, really hot.

With that in mind, here are 4 Tips to Great Triceps: 

Tip 1:  Make Triceps a Priority.  I say this for two reasons.  First, did you know that your triceps muscles make up roughly 70% of your arms?  Great arms need great triceps.  Second, our biceps develop quickly when we lift our growing baby or children each day.  An imbalance between the two muscles can happen quickly.

Tip 2:  Remember the Contraction.  Don’t simply pump out your triceps exercises.  Remember to pause and flex for a moment when your arm is fully extended.  This is the only time that your triceps are 100% contracted so utilize it.

Tip 3:  Slow Down.  When returning your arms from fully extended to starting position (called the negative movement), go slowly.  This is a great trick for many muscles but triceps in particular seem to reap the benefit.

Tip 4:  Pay Attention.  Focused muscle movements make all the difference.  If you want quick results, make sure you are doing the movement correctly.

So now that you are pumped up about your sexy triceps,  grab your copy of the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, your weights or your super cute baby, and a sexy sleeveless dress.  You will need to show off those Hot Mommy arms very soon.    

And BTW…if you happen to know what kind of Harley that is, leave me a comment.  I would love to know.   

Happing Toning,


7/29/10:  UPDATE: My good friend and Harley-Davidson lover has just informed me what kind of Harley I am standing next to in this picture.  Do you know?  The first 3 people to send me the correct answer win a FREE copy of my eBook, Hot Mommy Happy Baby ($39.95 value).  Leave the answer as a comment on my blog or email me directly  Good luck!

I just got back from the grocery store.  As usual, I loaded my cart with peppers (red, green & yellow), carrots, celery, zucchini, summer squash, spaghetti squash, asparagus, brussells sprouts, and beans.  As I was walking out I noticed a really ugly, orange monstrosity hanging on a green stem.  So I bought it.

This ugly, orange monstrosity turned out to be a golden beet.  I did a quick google search on how to prepare it and found out that it can be cut into small pieces and sautéed.  Perfect.  I added it to my usual mix of veggies. 

The verdict?  Not delicious, but not bad either.  It tastes a bit like carrots.  Just throw them in the sauté pan before your other veggies.  I learned they take longer to cook. 

Oh, and beets are actually a super food.  They are believed to be an excellent blood purifier because they reduce toxic chemicals that contribute to heart disease, stroke, dementia, and peripheral vascular disease.  They contain the nutrients betaine, folate, potassium, and magnesium (to name a few) and have also been known to replenish the iron lost during menstruation.

So add a little color to your vegetable medley this week and pick up some amazing health benefits too! 

I can’t wait to hear about what you tried and how you liked it. 


Eating rocks. Gaining weight doesn’t. So let’s talk about how to eat, enjoy what you eat, and feel full.

I love to eat. That should not be a shocker to those of you familiar with my story. However, I also like a tight, toned body. So this is where my cooking comes in.

I’m going to make a meal that has 325 calories that is delicious and FILLING. That is an entire dinner in the same amount of calories as a snack sized bag of Doritos®. Are you wondering how you can possibly feel full with only 325 calories?

I’ll explain at the end of my new video blog. Click the link below and let’s get cooking .

Bikini Body Recipes with Robin Farr (Recipe 2)

Happy Feasting!


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